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OEM / ODM Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonu Genişletilebilir DC Toll Bariyer Kapısı

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OEM / ODM Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonu Genişletilebilir DC Toll Bariyer Kapısı

Çin OEM / ODM Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonu Genişletilebilir DC Toll Bariyer Kapısı Tedarikçi
OEM / ODM Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonu Genişletilebilir DC Toll Bariyer Kapısı Tedarikçi OEM / ODM Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonu Genişletilebilir DC Toll Bariyer Kapısı Tedarikçi

Büyük resim :  OEM / ODM Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonu Genişletilebilir DC Toll Bariyer Kapısı

Ürün ayrıntıları:

Place of Origin: China
Marka adı: WONSUN
Sertifika: CE, ISO, SGS
Model Number: DZ-138

Ödeme & teslimat koşulları:

Min sipariş miktarı: 1ADET
Fiyat: USD300~400per unit
Packaging Details: Packed in bubble wrap firstly, and then reinforced with carton for outer packing.
Teslim süresi: ödemenizi aldıktan sonra 3-7 iş günü
Ödeme koşulları: T / T, Western Union, Para Gram, Alibaba Ticaret Güvencesi, Paypal vb,
Yetenek temini: 1000 setleri/ay
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Detaylı ürün tanımı
Adı: Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonuyla Genişletilebilir DC Geçiş Bariyer Kapısı OEM / ODM Motor anma gücü: 50W, Maksimum 100W
Gerilim: AC90v ~ AC264V, DC24V Çalışma ortamı: -40 ℃ ~ 75 ℃
Gürültü: 50dB daha az MTTR: <0.5Hrs

DC Toll Barrier Gate Extendable With Solar Power Integration OEM/ODM



Quick Information
1.Fast speed, can be changed from 0.9sec to 6sec.
2.Double safety limit
3.Three operation modes: Remote control,push button,manually operation.
4.Die-casting aluminum alloy motor,Waterproof,anti-aging ,Anti-sunshine .
5.runs stable and reliable.


Data sheet 


Arm Length Max6M
Opening And Closing Time 0.3S,0.6S,0.9S,3S,4S
Rated Voltage AC100V~AC264V,DC24V
Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
Motor Rated Power 50W,Max 100W
Working Environment -40 ℃ ~85 ℃
Power Standby≤8W,run≤100W
Housing Size(H*W*H*W) 342*312*959*2mm
Lifetime More than 10 million operation time or 10 years
MTTR <0.5Hrs
MTBF >500 million operation times


Servo motor barrier advanced functions


1)More than 50,000 operation times per day

2)Speed adjustable from 0.6s to 4s.

3)When power off, barrier gate will open automatically,no need manual release,Self-detect and work automatically when power on.

4)Motor will NOT getting hot after continuous long run.NO noise when operating

5)Strength can be adjustable for auto reverse to make sure cause less damges on the vehicle.

6)Internal RS 485work with software to connect your computer.

7)Power supply can connect with backup battery or solar power.

8)0.9s can work with 3m straight arm or 3m 90 degree folding arm.

9)Free debugging,maintenance-free.

10)Can be install at both sides,LEFT Or RIGHT.

11)Lifetime warranty for motor, 2 years warranty for rest parts.



Function Description:


1.When Power off, gate automatically open, no clutch design, no need human intervention. When power on, gate automatically reset,

restore to the gate closing state, truly unattended, fire safety standards. If special requirement, manual operation is required when

power off . Operating arm open and close by hand also can be realized by setting up control board DIP switch, which ensure that the system can be used at any time.

2. The use of Single Balance Spring device, good regulation, no noise, indefatigable, not easy to break, safe and reliable.

3. A variety of input and output modes can be selected, normally open normally closed optional.

4. Arm opening angle can be adjusted from 60 to 90 degrees, 10 degrees resolution, suitable for eaves prominent place to install.

5. Closing speed can be adjusted, from 0.9sec to 6sec

6. Barrier gate up&down signal relay switch output.

7. Barrier gate running state: OK signal output indicating that the gate is working properly.

8. Barrier gate operation abnormal alarm signal output.

9. Traffic light relay switch signal output.

10. External loop detector signal anti-smashing interface, infrared sensor signals anti-smashing interface.

11. Count mode interface.

12. Arm Open priority anti-smashing function, regardless of the current gate in what state, the operator through the triple push button,

software or remote control to issue a gate arm up, the gate will give priority to the implementation of the opening action.

13. Barrier with anti-collision protection function, when the vehicle hits the gate arm, arm can be swing out to avoid damage to the vehicle

and barrier gate machine.

14. Delay down selection function.

15. high sensitivity arm auto reverse function (intensity can be adjusted)

16. Parking system interface

17.RS485 or RS232 network communication control up&down interface (no need to install communication module)

18. Anti-collision alarm signal interface.

19. Arm direction can be changed easily

20. Adjustable speed port (S curve adjustment)

21. High-strength precision cast steel, industry moving parts beyond the industry quality



OEM / ODM Güneş Enerjisi Entegrasyonu Genişletilebilir DC Toll Bariyer Kapısı




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