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Parking System Used Intelligent Vehicle Detection Loop with Two Relay Out

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Parking System Used Intelligent Vehicle Detection Loop with Two Relay Out

Çin Parking System Used Intelligent Vehicle Detection Loop with Two Relay Out Tedarikçi

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Ürün ayrıntıları:

Place of Origin: China
Marka adı: WONSUN
Sertifika: CE, ISO, SGS
Model Number: WSTV-410

Ödeme & teslimat koşulları:

Min sipariş miktarı: 1ADET
Fiyat: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in bubble wrap firstly, and then reinforced with carton for outer packing.
Teslim süresi: ödemenizi aldıktan sonra 3-7 iş günü
Ödeme koşulları: T / T, Western Union, Para Gram, Alibaba Ticaret Güvencesi, Paypal vb,
Yetenek temini: 1000 setleri/ay
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Detaylı ürün tanımı
Supply voltage: 24V 12V Signal holding time: Unlimited
Sensitivity: Adjustable in 3 increments Operating temperature: 220℃ to +65℃
Reaction time: 100ms Size of Housing: 78x36x85 mm

Parking System Used Intelligent Vehicle Loop Detector


Quick Detail:


vehicle loop detector

  1. Easy installation
  2. Compatible with parking system
  3. Single loop and double loop
  4. Two relay out




The WSTV-410 vehicle loop detector is a double channel inductive loop detectors. The principle is based on a change in the inductance within the loop which is caused by the metallic components of passing vehicles. The changes are picked up and evaluated by a microprocessor. Ease of use thanks to automatic calibration when the operating voltage is applied.


The loop detectors must only be placed in dry rooms or control cabinets that are protected against 

all types of moisture and wetness. A distance of at least 10 mm from other devices must be maintained

on each side. The ambient temperature must not exceed 65° C. The installation of the induction loop is

described in other operating instructions. The loop detectors must only be placed in dry rooms or control cabinets that are protected against all types of moisture and wetness. A distance of at least 10 mm from 

other devices must be maintained on each side. The ambient temperature must not exceed 65° C.

The installation of the induction loop is described in other operating instructions. 




Supply voltage:  230V AC , 115V AC, 24V DC/AC, 12V DC/AC


( See the label on the detector)


Voltage tolerance AC:  +10% / -15%


Voltage tolerance DC: ±15%


Power Consumption:  4.5VA                      


Output relays: 240V/5A


Operating temperature:   -20°C to +65°C        


Storage temperature:   -40°C to +85°C


Frequency range:   20 kHz to 170 kHz


Reaction time:  100ms                      


Signal holding time:  Unlimited


Sensitivity:  Adjustable in 3 increments          


Loop inductance:  Total loop plus connection wiring: 50μH to 1000μH.


Ideal is 100μH to 300μH


Loop connection wiring:  Maximum length 20 meters, twisted at least 20 times per meter


Size of Housing:  78x40x108 mm (L x W x H)


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